The Grandfathers

A young man searches for his identity deep in the Amazon jungle while living among the tribe that murdered his grandfather decades earlier. The Grandfathers is a motion-graphics documentary completing Jim Hanon’s inspiring trilogy begun with Beyond the Gates of Splendor and followed by End of the Spear. These films were produced by Mart Green.

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About EGM Films

All of us at Ethnographic Media are humbled by the awesome power of a human story. Behind the most tumultuous of circumstances, there’s often an ordinary person who can offer a rare glimpse of suffering and conflict. We believe sharing these stories through film is the single most powerful way to shine a light on the critical issues of our time. The result is a growing number of young adults ready for dialog and prepared for change.

EGM is unlike other filmmakers. Our purpose is to serve by sharing true stories that take on the most difficult subjects: HIV/AIDS, conflict in the Holy Land, and the taking of life in the Amazon. And we do not flinch when it comes to presenting raw subject matter or raising difficult questions.
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