EGM Films is hiring!

We are looking for a visual effects artist with the ability to handle a variety of visual effects needs. You must be a lateral thinker with good problem solving skills.

You can:

  • Design and create animated environments and characters, drawing or modeling storyboards, and ensuring that the animation corresponds to both the script and the soundtrack. You must  have a thorough working knowledge of animation software programs.
  • Adjust the lighting, placement, and color of special effects so that they are identical to the scene in which they are placed and they coincide with any other action that takes place during the scene.
  • Create graphics that incorporate motion to accentuate brand names, advertising and other significant messages. Motion graphics artists must also frequently design the movement of these graphics so that it complements any live action included in the sequences. You use editing, illustration, and animation software in your daily work.
  • Take a scene with significant camera movement, that is often shot using green screen technology, and add alternative footage or graphics. The scene must be tracked in such a way that the alternative footage does not waiver from where it is supposed to appear on screen.
  • Isolate objects or people in scenes in order to manipulate the background or foreground. mask out or obscure the object or person in question and then insert the desired footage, design, or scene.


This is a short-term, contracted position, lasting approximately 12 weeks, beginning June 13. The hourly rate will be commensurate with skill and experience.

Contact: Megan Slemp, Production Coordinator
Call (405) 745-7911 for more details.

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