The recent London Olympics were the most-watched U.S. television event ever. Two of the Games’ most inspiring gold medalists were 15-year-old Katie Ledecky and 16-year-old Gabby Douglas. About her stunning victory in the 800-Meter Women’s Freestyle, Katie said, “The support from my school and parish community has been wonderful.” She continued, “I didn’t get much Read Full Article

A concerted effort is underway to complete EGM’s Columbine Everywhere. This motion graphics documentary follows the personal stories of different people from various school shootings around the world. In their own words, these survivors and one shooter provide a privileged and unforgettable window into this shocking modern phenomenon.

“It’s a stewardship issue first and foremost.” That’s how EthnoGraphic Media’s president, Bill Oechsler, describes the decision last year to make its production facilities, equipment, systems, and expertise available to outside filmmakers. “Knowing that our internal resources could also serve others is very gratifying,” Oechsler continues. “As an educational nonprofit, the additional revenue these engagements Read Full Article

Starting in May, EGM will begin sending individual copies of the Walk His Trail Movie Message Series free of charge to 50,000 U.S. Pastors. This series offers church leaders an innovative way to share biblically based messages that focus on the themes of sacrifice, reconciliation, and heritage with their congregations. The Walk His Trail Movie Read Full Article

Columbine Everywhere, an EGM Films motion graphic documentary, follows the personal stories of eight different people from eight different school shootings around the world. With their own words as the only narration, seven survivors and one shooter provide a privileged and unforgettable window to this shocking modern phenomenon. Columbine Everywhere is currently in development. Help Read Full Article

As an EGM affiliate, groups and organizations receive 25% of all screening license and DVD purchases they generate, as well as 5% of purchases from sub-affiliates they sign up. Taking part in the program is as easy as adding a banner to a website or blog. A special link automatically keeps track of purchases and Read Full Article

Come explore all the excitement that is EGM. We’ll take you behind the scenes and give you a first look at upcoming projects. There are even some very special offers and opportunities along the way. The real journey begins when you connect with us on one of EGM’s social media pages.   Twitter offers a Read Full Article

Say you’ve watched one of our films and now believe others should also check it out, or you want to get yourself and others involved. Well, here are some ways others have found to be easy, quick, and helpful. Write a Review Visit a retail website, such as or, and write a quick Read Full Article

It’s the question we hear often after an audience experiences the powerful stories and challenging issues within an EGM film. So here are five reasons to consider coming alongside our efforts. 1. EGM Understands Its Audience Despite reports characterizing 18-to-25-year-olds as apathetic and narcissistic, our breakthrough ethnographic research says otherwise. Our data show that this Read Full Article

Just in the last year, EGM films were seen by more than 350,000 viewers. These numbers are only expected to grow as access to our films expands as the result of new and exciting licensing and distribution agreements. EGM Films Online According to a recent Nielsen wire report, the number of unique viewers of online Read Full Article

If your professional expertise and/or personal experience intersect with the issues and themes explored in an EthnoGraphic Media film, you might consider participating in post-screening discussions. Specifically: Little Town of Bethlehem. This award-winning documentary tells the story of three men—an Israeli Jew, a Palestinian Christian, and a Palestinian Muslim—involved in the growing nonviolence movement in Read Full Article

EGM Films is pleased to announce that the documentary film Little Town of Bethlehem will be featured in the 2011 Dead Center Film Festival in Oklahoma City, OK. Showcasing more than 100 films ranging from hilarious comedies and inspiring documentaries to visionary shorts and offbeat musicals, the Dead Center Film Festival features films from diverse Read Full Article

Little Town of Bethlehem, from award-winning director Jim Hanon and executive producer Mart Green, was selected from a multitude of submissions by teams in the US, Europe, and the Middle East for the 2011 Chicago Palestine Film Festival. Jim Hanon on the film’s unique perspective: “Little Town of Bethlehem doesn’t focus on who’s right or Read Full Article

EGM Films is pleased to announce that Little Town of Bethlehem has received the prestigious Reel Rose Award for best documentary film at the John Paul II International Film Festival in Miami, Florida.

EGM Films is pleased to announce the release of The Grandfathers, a motion-graphics film about the struggle and influence of a young man’s heritage. The Grandfathers completes a trilogy that includes End of the Spear and Beyond the Gates of Splendor.

A diverse group of U-M students praised Little Town of Bethlehem following a February 10th screening at the Ann Arbor campus’ Michigan League building. Hosted by Students Allied for Freedom and Equality (SAFE) and the Ann Arbor Palestine Film Festival (AAPFF), attendees braved evening temperatures in the single digits to make the 6:00 screening.

EGM Films’ latest documentary, Little Town of Bethlehem, is in the middle of a nationwide launch, with hundreds of screenings across the globe. The stories and message in the film have generated conversation among activists, religious leaders, and academics who support the film’s message of nonviolence.

Dusk is settling in, and with it the cold. It is six o’clock, an hour after curfew in the little town of Bethlehem. It is December 10, 2009 and about 150 people have made their way to the auditorium at Bethlehem University for the premiere screening of a film that will undoubtedly stir intense emotions. They’ve gathered to watch Little Town of Bethlehem, a documentary that explores the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, one of the most volatile issues of our time. It is a complex struggle that sometime seems to defy solution.

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