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EGM films are not released in theaters but rather on colleges and universities, in houses of worship, and through groups and organizations. This means they do much more than entertain and educate our young people—they create a deeper level of engagement on critical issues, raise personal consciousness, and inspire action.

For any film to be taken seriously by today’s youth, it must do more than tell a great story—it must also deliver high production values. So EGM strives to create and market award-winning films at costs not possible by traditional filmmakers. Further, knowing how conventional film distribution often favors distributors, EGM works hard to create enriching, mutually beneficial experiences for our partners, sponsors, hosts, and audiences.

As a 501(c)3 educational nonprofit, EGM relies heavily on both public and private funding to produce and distribute its films. We seek support from forward-thinking patrons and friends who love the space where young adults, thorny issues, thoughtful dialog, theological virtues, and inspired action converge.

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