“It’s a stewardship issue first and foremost.”

That’s how EthnoGraphic Media’s president, Bill Oechsler, describes the decision last year to make its production facilities, equipment, systems, and expertise available to outside filmmakers.

“Knowing that our internal resources could also serve others is very gratifying,” Oechsler continues. “As an educational nonprofit, the additional revenue these engagements generate helps support EGM and its many important efforts.”

A new company called Gray Hour Productions was established to manage these outside business relationships and film projects. EthnoGraphic Media’s COO and head of production Dave Hanon explains, “Gray Hour Productions allows our resources to be utilized on a project-by-project, work-for-hire basis without compromising EGM’s core mission, key initiatives, or non-profit status.”

Through Gray Hour Productions, EGM has already provided a variety of production and post-production services to a host of respected independent filmmakers including Nick Cassavetes, Gray Fredrickson, Gerald Molen, Lance McDaniel, and Kevin McAfee. The company’s premier production services are listed with the Oklahoma Film and Music Office (OFMO), an organization that “attracts film, television, video, and music industries to Oklahoma for the promotion and growth of these industries within the state.” The OFMO offers a generous cash back rebate program as well as tax credits for filming in the state.

Early this year, Gray Hour Productions participated in the South By Southwest (SXSW) Interactive, Film, and Music Festival in Austin, Texas. At the festival, they co-sponsored multiple events alongside other Oklahoma-based entities including the Oklahoma Film and Music Office, Dead Center Film Festival, Greater Oklahoma City Chamber, and Oklahoma Museum of Art.

To learn more about EGM’s production services available through Gray Hour Productions, visit www.GrayHourProductions.com.

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