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Energy saving tips

energy saving

Which bill do you hate paying? Some will say water, telephone, and others energy bills. Well if you are tired of paying high energy bills, there are some things you can do to reduce on that. This article will give you some simple tips on how to save energy. Read on.

Choose the right clothes

winter clothesIs someone wondering clothes? Yes, wearing the right clothes and especially during winter can help you save on heating needs. Stock wool and layered clothes for this matter. You will stay warm hence there will be no need for heating or warming the room. The result will be less energy use.

Close the windows and drop the curtains

Cooling and heating a house cost a lot of money. When not in use, keep your doors closed. Curtains and blinds should seal the windows in the right manner as well. Always have your curtains dropped at might. When warm air escapes we get the house very cold. To prevent this from happening, you can block draughts near the doors and windows.

Set the thermostat

Did you realize that your bills shoot by about 30% during the cold season? Yes, it is because of heating. You might decide to set your thermostat to a maximum of 20 degrees. Each degree beyond 20 means a 10% increase in your energy bill.

Turn power off if not in use

lights off at nightPower systems should be turned off if not in use. Switch the lights off after leaving a room. The same case should apply before going to bed. Let it be known to everybody in the house. This way, you will save a lot.

Use cold water to wash your clothes

Using cold water could save you up to $115, yearly. Ensure to use the shortest washing cycle as well.

Insulating your roof

This is another amazing way of saving on energy bills. If you already have an insulated roof, make sure it is not damaged.

Standby power

A phone charger is an example of standby appliances. Did you know that even if your phone is not charging, your charger still gets power from the source? It all ends up going to waste. Standby appliances consume up to 10% power. Unplug your chargers or any other appliance when not in use. You will be lengthening its lifespan as well. The above tips are simple and obvious but often ignored practices can save you a lot.