Conflicting ideologies clash with an indiscriminate enemy. Miss HIV is the award-winning documentary by director Jim Hanon and producer Mart Green that brings into the open the little-known struggle for dominance over AIDS education and prevention. The film exposes the heated rhetoric, high stakes, and the heavy toll this battle has taken. Miss HIV also explores innovative strategies to counteract one of the largest obstacles in the battle against HIV: stigma—the paralyzing shame brought on by this disease.

Miss HIV showcases women in Botswana participating in a stigma-free beauty pageant, college students in Uganda fighting the stigma of their choice to remain abstinent and gay rights activists at the International AIDS Conference in Toronto combating stigmatization. Unapologetic and courageous yet consistently inspiring, Miss HIV shines a spotlight on the competing agendas that are complicating an already complex global crisis.

Winner of the Redemptive Storyteller award. Written and directed by award-winning director Jim Hanon (End of the Spear, Beyond the Gates of Splendor, Little Town of Bethlehem, The Grandfathers). Filmed in Africa with international rock group Newsboys. Narrated by Della Reese (Touched by an Angel, Harlem Nights, The Young and the Restless). Rated PG-13. Approximately 88 minutes. The Deluxe Edition DVD includes a 40-page graphic novella, a 22-minute film with Newsboys, artist interviews, music videos, and more.

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