Global Voices of Nonviolence (GVON) gathers voices of nonviolence from around the world and shares them with the world. The goal is to take down the walls that keep these stories—this type of a message—from being seen and heard.

GVON is an ongoing initiative that each year draws special attention to the 12-day period between the United Nations International Day of Peace (9/21) and the United Nations International Day of Nonviolence (10/2). A time such as this can help focus the world’s attention on nonviolence, peace, humanity, equality, love, and hope.

GVON events and experiences include film screenings, music/dance performances, art/photo exhibits, panel discussions, poetry readings, touring events, cultural exchanges, food festivals, training seminars, prayer vigils, and more at physical and online venues. See how you can participate. The path to peace begins here.

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