It’s the question we hear often after an audience experiences the powerful stories and challenging issues within an EGM film. So here are five reasons to consider coming alongside our efforts.

1. EGM Understands Its Audience
Despite reports characterizing 18-to-25-year-olds as apathetic and narcissistic, our breakthrough ethnographic research says otherwise. Our data show that this audience longs for individual autonomy, authentic connectedness, and personal significance. They value independence in decision-making but desire to connect with others in action that gives their lives meaning and purpose.

Instead of releasing our films in theaters, EGM has developed an unconventional yet effective strategy to reach a global youth audience on campus, online, and at events.

2. EGM Respects Its Subjects and Their Stories
This is best told through the experience of one of our film’s subjects. Perhaps Sami says it best.

“Honestly, there are many people who just come to do a film about us and about what’s happening here. Then they leave and we never hear from them again,” says Sami Awad, Executive Director of Holy Land Trust and one of the subjects of the film Little Town of Bethlehem. “But from the beginning when EGM came the question was, ‘What is the message that we want to share to the world—what is the message that we who live in Palestine and Israel want to express in terms of what’s happening through nonviolence?’ And that, for me, was very powerful.”

“It wasn’t a director that came and said, ‘These are the shots we want, whether you like it or not, but that’s how it fits.’ Instead, EGM came and said, ‘We want to work with you. We want your message – Yonatan, Ahmad, and Sami – to be heard around the world,’” continues Sami. “And I think, technically, the idea of not using a narrator was something that for me was very new. Now I saw we were the narrators of our stories in your film.”

3. EGM Films Inspire Action
The stories EGM captures are diverse by design but share two underlying themes. First, they explore serious social issues that are broad in scope and demand our attention. Second, they capture true stories of ordinary people living out biblical virtues and values under extreme (often hostile) conditions. These stories build rare bridges to span cultural gaps between ethnicities, societies, ideologies, and faith traditions. They are meant to do much more than entertain and educate—they also inspire action.

4. EGM Produces Award-Winning Films
For films to be taken seriously by today’s youth they must have not just great themes but great production value. While the cost for quality filmmaking is traditionally very high, EGM is a non-traditional filmmaker making values-based films with high production value at a great value. Our desire is to create products our audience appreciates and our industry respects.

This year EGM’s Little Town of Bethlehem won the Reel Rose Award for best documentary at the John Paul II International Film Festival, as well as Best Oklahoma Film at the deadCENTER Film Festival. Additionally, The Grandfathers received the strongest rating from the Dove Foundation and was chosen as the best documentary at the National Religious Broadcasters’ convention.

5. Your Help Will Make a Difference
As a 501(c)(3) education nonprofit we rely heavily on both public and private funding. We’re seeking the support of forward-thinking friends who appreciate the critical importance of the space where young adults, challenging issues, honest discussion, moral virtues, and meaningful action all converge. Your tax-deductible contribution will help us continue to be a catalyst, inspiring the youth of the world to engage in healing action. Please join us in making a difference.

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