Just in the last year, EGM films were seen by more than 350,000 viewers. These numbers are only expected to grow as access to our films expands as the result of new and exciting licensing and distribution agreements.

EGM Films Online
According to a recent Nielsen wire report, the number of unique viewers of online video has grown by 10.5% in the past year, increasing from 127.6 million unique viewers in 2009 to 141 million in 2010. Hulu.com, with over 333 million viewers, has established itself as a leader in online video.

To tap into this growing market, EGM has become an affiliate of Cross Bridge, LLC (Norfolk, VA), an exciting, newly-formed organization that acquires and distributes inspirational programming through www.CrossBridge.com. As a result of this collaboration, Beyond the Gates of Splendor, End of the Spear, and Miss HIV were made available on Hulu. Almost immediately, End of the Spear became one of the top-rated movies on the website.

“This is right where we need to be,” says EGM’s president Bill Oechsler. “Audiences can now connect with our films on their own terms—when, where, and how they want to. Cross Bridge is a preferred content provider to the FOX Networks Group and some of its most successful properties, including Hulu and BeliefNet.”

“Because Cross Bridge is including faith-inspired content in its offerings, the programming it places can meet a desire among audiences for films of significance and purpose,” Oechsler continues. “We are excited to be a part of that programming.”

EGM Films Overseas
Two new distribution agreements have extended EGM’s reach into major English-speaking markets outside the United States. Kingsway Communications, the international division of David C. Cook, manages EGM’s retail presence in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Similarly, Heritage HM is EGM’s new distribution partner in Australia and New Zealand. Both Kingsway and Heritage are planning screening events and tours in support of EGM properties.

EGM Films Broadcast Opportunities
EGM partner Ocean Avenue Entertainment focuses on global distribution through a variety of channels including theatrical, church exhibition, television, and home video. As a result of Ocean Avenue’s initial efforts, TBN became the first network to pick up an EGM film for broadcast. Later this year, End of the Spear will begin airing on TBN, arguably the largest Christian network.

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