So, you want to host a screening?

What should you do? Where should you start? Here are some simple instructions for before, during, and after the event that, if followed correctly, are sure to make your screening super successful! The first step is purchasing a screening license.

Purchase a Public Screening License

Make sure you purchase a public screening license for the film you wish to screen or use in the classroom. Purchasing a DVD is not the same thing since DVDs are only for home viewing. When you purchase a license, we or one of our partners will provide a DVD that you can use for your screening event or classroom. To purchase a screening license for one of our films, please click the appropriate link below:

After you purchase a license, you will receive a DVD and, in the case of Miss HIV and Little Town of Bethlehem, a screening kit. Included in the Screening Kit are the tools needed to cover all your bases. They are:

  • Glossary of Key Terms
  • Timeline of the Region
  • Maps of the Region
  • Post-Event Reporting Form
  • Poster, Flyer & Ad Files
  • Request to Screen Form

You might also be interested in publicizing your event, so the Electronic Press Kit includes:

  • Story Outline of the Film
  • FAQs
  • Directors Commentary Video
  • Cast, Crew, and Commentary
  • Photos from the Production
  • Music Videos
  • About the Fimmakers
  • Film Trailer

Before the Screening

Make sure you gauge interest amongst your friends, family, colleagues and community/church/organization members so you know how big a space to reserve.

Book your space and start marketing. Included in the screening kit are posters and flyers to print to help get the word out about the film screening. While you are at it, print out the Educational Guide to have on hand (which gives more background on the issues and history surrounding the film).

Look over and read the EGM Q&A – there you will find more about the film, cast, crew and EGM 
organization that will help you lead the post-event discussion.

Remember to bring pens, a notepad to take notes and a camera. Test the DVD ahead of time to trouble shoot any problems with the equipment.

During the Screening

At the event, make sure to take note of the number of attendees and any other pertinent details (like age, gender, etc.). Hand out the educational kits, take some action pics and sit back to watch the movie.

Assign someone to take notes while you lead the post-screening discussion – note comments and questions and any follow up actions or engagement folks are interested in.

Make sure to capture emails for those who want to join the EGM Global Community, hand out the Request to Screen form to anyone who may want to show our films in the future and direct them to for ways to get involved

After Everyone Leaves

Fill out and send us the Event Reporting form or take our online survey.

Post pics to your Facebook, Flickr and other social sharing accounts or to the appropriate EGM film Facebook page. You can also email us the pictures and we will post them to our community sites for you.

In the meantime… get involved in your community, both global and local. Then, stay tuned for more 
news and updates from EGM.

Sincerely, Your friends at EGM

©2017 EthnoGraphic Media

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