Slave Like Me examines the impact that demand has on sex trafficking, and the impact that using sexual slaves has on the people who fuel the demand. Masked as prostitution, the abuses endured by enslaved women and children are hidden from casual view. Therefore the answer is not as simple as what is legal or illegal.

This film will address the fundamental question, “What does it mean to be human?” EGM will explore that question by using narrative imagination to meet the person who hires sex workers as well as the person sold into the sex trade.

Status: In Development

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Slave Like Me

The Sad Reality of Modern Slavery

In our modern world there is a perception that slavery is something that happened a long time ago. Many talk about slavery in the past tense, seemingly unaware that more than 20 million people are right now enslaved somewhere in the world. They might be equally saddened to learn that this number has never been higher—even in our collective histories.

While not as overt or recognizable as it once was, modern-day slavery is no less cruel or pervasive. Throughout our world, adults as well as children are being bought and sold. They are enslaved and exploited for sex, forced labor, armed conflict, drug trafficking, organ harvesting, begging networks, and more.

Trafficking in persons fuels conflict, terrorism, disease transmission, and organized crime. It destabilizes communities and economies, promoting corruption at all levels of government and society. From shadowy back alleys in developing countries to suburban neighborhoods in developed nations, this is an ongoing humanitarian crisis that must be first exposed and ultimately stopped.

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