“How can I help?” It’s the question we hear often after an audience experiences the powerful stories and challenging issues within an EGM film. You can help in several different ways, as noted below, and only some involve money.

Write a Review

Visit a retail website, such as amazon.com or mardel.com, and write a quick review about the film. It doesn’t have to be lengthy or fancy. Just provide your genuine thoughts and feelings about the film. If you can, give it a rating. For EGM films available on Hulu.com, reviews and ratings help others discover the film and see that it’s worth watching.

Connect with Us

If you use Facebook, become a fan of your favorite EGM film by clicking the “Like” button on the film page. Then, as a post from the film appears in your stream, like it, comment, and/or share it with your friends. You can also share the film page with your friends. Every interaction helps let others know about the film.

In addition to posting comments on Facebook, we have blogs dedicated to each film on the film websites. Blog comments help people who visit see that the film is relevant to others.

If you use Twitter, follow us (@EGMfilms) and retweet posts about your favorite films. You may also originate posts about a film, and as we see them we’ll retweet them to our followers.

Lend out or Give away Copies

When you talk to your friends about your favorite EGM films, offer to lend the films to them. EGM films make great gifts as well, and every purchase helps EGM continue to produce and distribute films about challenging subjects that promote biblical virtues and values being lived out by very ordinary people doing extraordinary things under extreme conditions.


As a 501(c)(3) education nonprofit we rely heavily on both public and private funding. We’re seeking the support of forward-thinking friends who appreciate the critical importance of the space where young adults, challenging issues, honest discussion, moral virtues, and meaningful action all converge. Your tax-deductible contribution will help us continue to be a catalyst, inspiring the youth of the world to engage in healing action. And if that’s not enough, go here for more reasons to come along side our efforts. Please join us in making a difference. Donate here.

Any one activity by itself may not seem like much, but when many are doing these things, the results can be very powerful. We anticipate good things. Thank you!

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